8-bit Stars are the Limit

I am a monogamous reader. Yeah, I am not like most kids who can read three books at the same time. Call me old fashioned, but when I am entranced in one world, I tend to wallow in it a little. Poly-reading is like double-booking two dates on the same night. No matter how many times you can spin it boo, you’re still gonna end up with one.

In a world full of self-proclaimed multi-taskers, we tend to get lost. We find our brains thinking about fourteen different things and nothing at all at the same time. They are passing thoughts after all; they come and go as they please, so why bother with the retweet, the heart emoji, or the text message? Because in spite of our limits, and our overworked brains, we are still wanting one thing. The chance to be noticed. To get ahead.

For the past two months since we last chatted, I shot the pilot to my new show “Roadside Stars.” Let me tell you, it has been a life-changing opportunity. With a script in my hand, on my set, nothing as powerful as being in a universe you and your co-writer created. I learned so much–we will go into that later, I promise!–that I wanted to keep learning, keep moving up, what else can we shoot?

star.jpgThen you come back to your old life. The only way I can describe it is the Mario Bros. Star to your left. The moment you touch it, nothing can stop you. You have some cool tango music. You’re stopping bombs just by walking right past them, even spikes no longer intimidate you. Yet, the creators had to draw the line on lava? psh, lame. But what’s even more lame? Coming down from invincibility mode, back to normalcy. Where people are yelling at you because their quesadilla didn’t have guacamole cooked inside. I know all of this is all one big means-to-an-end ordeal, but it needs to hurry the hell up because if I have to deal with a woman who can’t even one more time…

My advice, from one writer to another, write your escape plan. Write that incredible fucking script and get the hell out of your job. The past month has been amazing, exhausting, but altogether worth it. But another piece of advice, understand your limits. Don’t kid yourself into thinking “oh hey, yeah, I’ll work on this project. But I’ll also write my own shit off to the side.” No no, boo thang. Stick to the task at hand. Or you’ll go crazy. You gotta draw the line. Otherwise you’ll end up burned out before your success can even begin.

So be that monogamous writer. Drown yourself in that wonderful world of yours. People are going to notice you eventually. I mean, hell, you made it this far down my blog. If you can do that, anything’s possible. 😉


2 thoughts on “8-bit Stars are the Limit

  1. Love this. The star happens and ends on any level you’re on. One step forward, ten steps back, but as long as you keep playing the game, you’ll get to the princess….right?

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